Not just a cat mum.

Not so long ago the idea of having my own children started to come onto my radar.

So we got a cat. A beautiful black cat from Battersea that we called Luna. She was a 5 month old kitten and she was my baby. I was her mummy and Graeme (my husband) was her daddy.

A few months passed and I absolutely adored Luna which only increased my desire for a real human baby. It was ALL I could think about. So we pretty quickly made the decision that we would start trying. It took just 4 months. Those 4 months felt like a lifetime.  I charted my temperature looking for spikes and dips, I spent (wasted) hours on mum forums reading about what women’s early pregnancy signs and symptoms were. I even found myself once googling “itchy left foot pregnancy symptom” yep, you’ll find some stuff, you can convince yourself that absolutely anything happening to your body could mean you’re pregnant. The only time I really thought “hang on, maybe I’m pregnant” I was out running with 2 friends after school (i’m a teacher). I got a weird cramp that I’d never ever had and it was so uncomfortable I had to stop and walk back to school. A few days later I got my positive test.

Excited, scared, nervous, anxious…mostly excited I showed my husband and we were beside ourselves with happiness. Shit. What do we do now? We told immediate family straight away who were all very very happy for us. It was amazing and exciting and already I look forward to the day I can say “I’m pregnant again.” Yes, I want another one!

After a loooooooooong 9 months a beautiful baby boy was born, William John. Born at 6.46am on the 3rd October 2016,  weighing 7lbs 13oz. And so I became a Mum. Not just a cat mum anymore, a real Mum with a capital M.