When can we go out again?

Leaving William is something I find very hard but it’s definitely getting easier.

The very first time I left him he was just 2 weeks old and I had to pop across the road to the doctors for a blood test. He was fed, he was sleeping, he was with Daddy – I’ll only be 5 minutes I thought. Turns out my body didn’t want to play giving blood and several attempts and about half an hour later I was finally out. I didn’t really think much about leaving him then. He was mostly sleeping and I was a zombie.

I’ve left him several times since; always with far too much milk, always in tears (me not him) and always with his Daddy. I even made it to the cinema to see La La Land (by the way when is it my turn to be Emma Stone?)

BUT last night, at nearly 20 weeks old, William was left with his Nana and Grandad so we could both go out. We went to see Ladyhawke and it was sooooo good. She was so good, she was amazing, and I spent an hour and 10 minutes gazing at her as I bopped away wishing I could be as cool (and as slim) as her. We went straight home afterwards to a happy sleeping baby boy.

For the first time though I didn’t cry when we left the house, I didn’t cry when we arrived at the gig venue, I didn’t constantly panic and worry about William (I did text a few times though). But for the first time away from him I relaxed and I really enjoyed myself!

When can we go out again?