Not an inconvenience

So I haven’t blogged for somewhere around a year. Nothing came naturally so I left it alone.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I returned to work and have since moved jobs too. We’ve also moved house. To say I’ve been stressed is an understatement. Anxiety has crept up (again) and after months of leaving it I’ve started doing online CBT with Talking Therapies. This isn’t what the post is about though.

William is 1! He’s 16 months. He’s learning something new everyday and this is the best and happiest (thank goodness) William yet.

I could go on about William but I won’t, I want to get to the point of this post:


Shortly before William turned 1 he started to have whole milk during the day. This meant I started to drop feeds and didn’t need to spend my lunchtime pumping milk in an empty meeting room.

I continued to feed him in the evening, through the night and first thing. I still do.

I’ve come across too many people that think this is a problem. Me wanting to feed my child, with my milk, must be an inconvenience. “What if you want a night away?” I don’t. “What if you want to go out for dinner?” I can, after I’ve fed him just before bed. “Can’t he have a bottle?” No, he won’t take it, he did at one stage but it really wasn’t worth the effort.

The upshot of it all is that I LIKE feeding him. I WANT to feed him. It is the most special time. It’s the strongest bond and the strongest love I’ve ever felt. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. It’s NOT an inconvenience, it’s my life, it’s the path I chose from even before I was pregnant.

When the day  comes that I give him a final feed I will be sad, but already he’s learnt to give me the best hugs ever so that will have to do 😊 When that day comes, I’ll likely be feeding number 2! If not, I have years ahead of me (I hope) and I can have all the nights away I want (which I don’t) because above all, I love being with William, and I would just miss him too much! Maybe when he’s 30 I’ll have a night away 😁